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Our ministries allow us to provide 'age-appropriate' activities and content to maximize spiritual education and growth as well as peer group fellowship. These ministries provide fellowship activities outside of the church service that encourage the involvement of non-church going friends and relatives.

Men Ministry

 Our Men of Hope provides encouragement and opportunities for men to grow into a life of faithful discipleship through fellowship, prayer, study and service. Our Senior Pastor’s mandate for our ministry is to ensure that MEN take the lead in our ministry. Our men are encouraged to stand on the front line in every area of life.

Women's Ministry

The Women of Provision seeks to continually edify and empower the women of our ministry to be able to live life Greatly, Godly, Gracefully, Growing, and Generationally. We empower our ladies through: Biblical and Spiritual Empowerment, Social Events and Awareness, and Business/Professional Development.

Provide a Way CDC

The Provide a Way Community Development is a subsidiary of Provision Full Gospel Church that is built to empower the total person. This organization focuses on community development and empowerment through various programs ranging from Male Empowerment to Adult Education and much mor

Powerhouse Youth and Kids

A young, innovative, and energetic group of childen and teens, who‘s main objective and focus is to become disciples of Christ. Powerhouse is comprised of a variety of ages with separate meetings, Bible Study as well as other ministry trips, activities, and projects. 

Jehovah Nissi Dance Ministry

Presently, Jehovah Nissi Ministry is a ministry geared for all ages! Our mission is to minister the gospel through the visual arts (drama and dance) in the church and community, to save souls, heal the broken, win the lost, build up the believer, and equip the worker, to make disciples and good stewards in honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Greeting Ministry

Our hospitality, greeting and ushering sets the tone and atmosphere at the doors and on the floor that represents the vision of this house to impact the people that come to Provision in a way that will bring salvation, hope, and revitalization to expand the kingdom of God.

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